Care Made For You

  • How do you know whether you need a skilled nurse or a home health aide? Partners in Care will help you figure out exactly what you or your loved one needs. First, we talk to you about your specific situation and we may send a nurse to your home to better assess safety and medical issues. From there, we create your Client Profile, which includes the appropriate services for you and matches you to the right home care professional.

    A Partners in Care supervisor will oversee your Client Profile and schedule all services, as well as work with one of our registered nurses to manage your team of home care professionals, including your physicians and therapists, and coordinate with the people involved-from community support organizations to family members.


    Certified Home Health Aide (HHA):

    Partners in Care home health aides are available for a minimum of four hours, with no minimum of days, and can help you for a short-term recovery or a longer, continuous period of time, depending on your situation.


    Our home health aides can:

    • Remind you to take medication.
    • Record vital signs, such as pulse and blood pressure.
    • Accompany you to and from medical appointments and social events (See Appointment Companion).
    • Go food shopping and prepare meals.
    • Provide personal care, such as assistance with bathing and dressing (We also offer a two-hour bath service).
    • Offer short-term personal assistance after injuries or procedures.
    • Provide long-term care for those with chronic conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease.
    • And more, depending on your specific situation.

    Skilled Nurse

    Partners in Care registered nurses are highly skilled, caring professionals, who have years of experience in both the hospital and home care setting. They also receive regular training to sharpen their skills.


    Our skilled nurses can:

    • Give medications, including pre-measuring dosages to be taken on a specific schedule, and other treatments.
    • Administer immunizations, including flu shots and fertility injections.
    • Provide 24/7 nursing care following surgery, either at home, in the hospital or at a skilled nursing facility.
    • Perform assessments, such as home safety, nursing home eligibility and PRI/Screen.