Comprehensive Caring

Do you need a trusted advisor who can help ensure that your loved one is getting the help that he or she needs? A Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) acts as a "case manager" who can coordinate and oversee the team of home care professionals who will provide care to your loved one. A GCM can put together a team from Partners in Care or work with one that you have arranged yourself. The team may include a nurse, social worker, home health aide(s), rehabilitation specialists, a nutritionist, and an elder care attorney. We will continue to evaluate the Plan of Care, and will adapt it as your loved one's needs change.

The GCM can:

  • Help prevent the need for hospital visits.
  • Make sure medications are taken properly.
  • Identify potential safety issues in the home and make recommendations to correct them.
  • Recommend appropriate community resources.
  • Monitor a client's condition and plan of care, and adjust as needed.
  • Accompany your loved one to medical appointments and report findings to family members.

Paperwork Coordination and Scheduling Assistance

The GMC will research and schedule services from other providers that help alleviate burdensome daily tasks, such as:

  • Coordinate medical appointments, including physician appointments, lab work, and outpatient treatments.
  • Schedule home maintenance.
  • Coordinate transportation.
  • Coordinate meal delivery services.
  • Arrange for hairstyling/grooming services.
  • Find community resources (support groups/adult day centers).
  • Assist with bill paying.
  • Assist with completing insurance forms and applications.

Personal Evaluation from a Nurse and/or Social Worker

The GMC will coordinate an evaluation from a nurse and/or social worker in order to:

  • Assess a client's physical health, including heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol screening test and skin appraisal
  • Identify any immediate medical concerns and coordinate with the appropriate physician
  • Review all medications and nutritional practices, discuss side effects, and make dietary recommendations
  • Recommend safety procedures to prevent falls
  • Recommend ways to manage health, lifestyle, and chronic conditions in the comfort of your own home